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A splash in the cool of the glistening pool rejuvenates everyone washing away the day’s fatigue. The sultry Kolkata weather for most parts of the year yearns the young and old alike to beat the heat and take a go in the welcoming waters. The striking blue surroundings, amplified by coloured underwater LED lights, amenities of Jacuzzi, Diving Boards, swanky Change Rooms, Fountains, Snacks & Drinks counters, Relaxing Area with cushioned Reclining Benches under beautiful Umbrellas, seating area for guests and parents of wards with soft ambient music, offers an incredible experience to the pool goers. Equipped with a modern Filtration Plant and regular inspection and maintenance by experts, renders the pool hygienic and clean throughout the season. Professional coaches and life savers are employed to impart training and ensure safety of the swimmers. The Swimming Pool is highly popular among the children, ladies and adults, who eagerly await the commencement of swimming season and actively sign up for the coaching classes. Tournaments, Rain Dances and Pool Site Parties are regularly organised, which always draws huge crowds.

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