1. The premises will be sanitized thoroughly before reopening by an authorised agency under arrangements of the Ordnance Club.

2. The facility is open only to the club members who are not residing in containment zones. The same will be checked prior to the entry of the member to the club from database available with the club. Spouse / Children are not permitted to accompany the player.

3. Members suffering from any ailment are requested not to visit the club. Members having COVID-19 positive cases in their homes are requested not to visit the club.

4. Members desirous of playing to call on mob No 9995560333 / 033 - 22230410. They will be informed of the available time slot. Players are allowed to visit the club only within their allotted time slots.

5. All members & staff when present in the club are required to wear masks & gloves at all times. Mask & gloves may be removed only during play.

6. Thermal screening, hand sanitization & sports gear sanitization will be carried out for all before entry into the club. In case a member is found to be having high running temperature more than 99 degrees Fahrenheit, he will be requested to return back.

7. Participants below 10 years & above 65 years of age are not permitted to move out of their homes except for essential & health purposes as per Govt of West Bengal letter memo No 177-CS/2020 dt 18 May 2020 (Photocopy enclosed). Hence, they are not permitted.

8. Use of showers & locker rooms are prohibited.

9. Only two players should play per court. No doubles is permitted. Coaching will be done following social distancing norms.

10. Minimum two meters distance will be maintained between any two indls at all times.

11. Avoid any sort of contact. No handshakes, high fives, sharing of food, water, eqpt, racquets & balls is permitted.

12. Use sanitizer before & after play & use of washrooms.

13. Leave premises immediately after play.

14. No spectators, parents, guardians, servants / driver are allowed inside club premises during games.

15. No guests & reciprocal members are permitted.

16. No snacks, food & beverage facility will be available in the club. Members are requested to bring their own water.

17. A member / dependent can do advance booking for only 1 slot per day per sport.

18. Any violation of Govt guidelines can lead to spread of COVID-19 & immediate withdrawal of the permissions given. Hence, we would request members to please adhere to all Govt advisories.

19. Members are expected to be responsible for themselves and other members. Please follow all necessary guidelines strictly. Members may kindly note that the discretion to play any sport in the club premises is their personal choice and responsibility. The club will not be held responsible in any way whatsoever.